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Vostok + iPad = Vostok iPad sleeve


We like the iPad. We like elegance, simplicity and practicality and no iPad sleeve out there gave us that. So we decided to make our own and –if you like it– share it with you.

A few things that were important for us and wanted to abide by:

  • It had to be handmade. We wanted good quality. Done with great care and attention. And the right tailor for that was jositajosi.
  • It had to be pretty but practical. And what’s the iPad’s biggest hassle? Fingerprints. So choosing the right material was important. Solution: corduroy is perfect to clean glass. Slightly rugged but very gentle.
  • The interior had to offer extra cushioning for ultimate protection and had to contrast with the outer cover (navy blue). Solution: a thin but resistant cushioning in Vostok blue.
  • It should offer free-standing support. The sleeve is perfect to rest the iPad horizontally on top of it, the corduroy counterbalances the roundness of the base and keeps it steady.

It’s 35€ and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. Have a look:

You can buy it at