Shame on you iconpark

by Javier on 27/03/2010

UPDATE: Michael Flarup has taken down the VV2 icons that were a ripoff and claims to have contacted in the hope of have the issue straightened out.

Some dude at is ripping off the excellent work of Maximilian Larsson on Helveticons. Check it out:

Click to see the whole comparison

This guy (who happens to be Michael Flarup ) is on top of the Vostok’s Pyramid of Suckytude TM:

1. Appropiating the work of others (this totally sucks)
2. Just bitching (this sucks)
3. Just bullsitting (this kinda sucks)
4. Just theorizing (this doesn’t suck but doesn’t rock)
5. Doing, building (this doesn’t suck at all, it rocks)

Shame on you iconpark!!

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