Vostok Theme on Six Revisions

by Javier on 16/03/2010

Six Revisions has included our Vostok Theme among a compilation of 20 Beautiful Minimalist WordPress Themes. That is something we are proud of, for sure. But we are even more proud of knowing that more than 65.000 blogs already use it.

Vostok Theme was designed by me (Javier Cañada) and coded by Rubén Lozano quite long ago. I am still confident about most of the design decisions in it, especially those about features and layout. But as screen resolution has increased I feel like type size and column height should be revised.

I’m also considering making a “white version” with the same legibility goals. Or perhaps a Serif version. Do you think that would make sense?

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  1. 16/03/2010Luglio7 says:

    Congratulations, i really like it

  2. 16/03/2010Woth says:

    No changes are needed. Regarding brand new versions, I would be for a couple of brand new strong colors … but I would avoid it in white…

  3. 16/03/2010Alberto says:

    Mmm… like it.

    I’m currently using your beautiful theme modified by myself (white!). I think vostok theme is really simple and functional, but I wanted a more vivid theme, so I just changed a few things.

    La verdad, no sé por qué lo he escrito en inglés…

  4. 16/03/2010Javier says:

    Thanks Luglio7.

    Woth, using non-neutral colors (other than black, greys or white) would compromise the “neutrality” of the template and condition your perception of the content. That is something we’ve tried to avoid. The design should be quiet and let the content speak.

    Alberto, thanks! Your adaptation is quite good. Well.. perhaps you went too far with the size of the logo 🙂 The way you use grey and white is close to what I’d do if I’d go for a white vostok theme. Congrats.

  5. 16/03/2010Jacobo says:


    Nosotros también lo estamos usando porque nos encanta

    Un saludo

  6. 18/03/2010trixel says:

    yo también lo uso me encantó desde que lo vi ahora creé uno en base a su esencia… le agregué un poco de css3 y html5 😉 saludos,
    pd, lo del theme blanco me encantaría…

  7. 18/03/2010Fernando says:

    It’s just fine like it is now
    Maybe little changes about typography colors (a liiittle clearer)

    keep it honest, minimal

  8. 23/03/2010Jorge Manrubia says:

    I have been using your theme for more than one year now. And even today, each time I see it, I am still impressed about how beautiful and well designed it is. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  9. 25/03/2010Javier says:

    Thanks a lot to Jacobo, Trixel, Fernando and Jorge, really. This kind of feedback makes me want do more 🙂

  10. 11/05/2010Love VOSTOK says:

    Just a quick question if you have a moment–any idea how to prevent simple images (jpeg., gif) from having a white border when inserted in a wordpress.com glog (like mine)?

  11. 11/05/2010Tom Davidson-Marx says:

    Sorry, this is my real name!

  12. 11/05/2010Javier says:

    Tom, it’s quite easy, you just have to add style=”border:none;” inside the tag that refers to the image, right after the width and height values, for instance.

  13. 4/06/2010Craig says:

    Javier, I love this theme, but I am unhappy about the functionality that is has on WordPress.com vs the WordPress app I host on my site. I like having an image at the top of the blog and I would really like it if you would provide this functionality on the downloadable theme – just like on the WP.com site. Thank you.

  14. 5/06/2010Javier says:


    I appreciate your words on the theme but I’m afraid it’s a side project that’s been released for free and under a GNU license. We cannot provide any support nor we have time to make changes on it right now. It is very easy, though, to tweak it so it han have an image on the header. Any medium-knowledged front end developer will do it for you in minutes.

  15. 12/07/2010Shonari says:

    Yes a white theme would be nice, you cud incorporate it into vostok as a color option.

    Also a menu bar for pages at the top would be good. Nothing fancy just one parent (no children) just to accommodate about page, contact etc.

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